International Associate Member of the European Federation of Periodontology

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Lebanese Society of Periodontology was founded in Beirut, 1995.

Past Presidents - Lebanese Society of Periodontology

Fady Attieh 1997-2000

Elie Azar Maalouf 2000-2003

Fady Attieh 2003-2006

Zeina Majzoub 2007-2010

Fatme Mouchref Hamasni 2010-2013

Carole Chakar 2013-2016

Fatme Mouchref Hamasni 2016-2019

Nada Bouabboud Naaman 2019

Prof. Nada Bou Abboud Naaman


Prof. Fatme Mouchref Hamasni

Vice President

Dr. Chirine Farhat

General Secretary 

Dr. Georgina El Ghoul


Dr. Nadim Mokbel

Scientific Coordinator 

Dr. Mansour Chantiri

Board Member

Dr. Mostapha Saad

Board Member 

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